This chapter was added to the APPP in May 2021.

1. Scope

This guidance applies only to people for whom Hull City Council holds public authority deputyship or appointeeship. For everyone else, the decision whether to take out a pre-paid funeral plan is one for the individual and / or anyone appointed by the Court of Protection or the DWP to manage their finances.

2. Procedure

Step 1 Following the best interest decision making framework set out in the Mental Capacity Act, the appointeeship and deputyship panel will make the decision whether it is in the person’s best interest to take out a pre-paid funeral plan and will request a named social worker or other HCC worker to make the necessary arrangements.
Step 2 The named worker will liaise with the person and anyone with an interest in their welfare to find out as much as possible about the person’s preferences. For example, if other family members always contract with the same funeral director, it may be felt reasonable to assume that the person may express a preference for this director if they had capacity to do so. The person may have religious beliefs, may be a private person or a party person, may strongly like a particular piece of music or particularly like/dislike flowers. Any expressed preferences and any preferences which can reasonably be assumed should be reflected in their plan.
Step 3 Using the information gathered, the named worker should approach any funeral director identified in Step 2 or should seek three quotes from directors who have expressed an interest in providing pre-paid funeral plans. A list is available from the appointeeship and deputyship board. If the worker is unable to identify a director, the appointeeship and deputyship panel can make the decision.
Step 4 Once a director has been identified and a costed funeral plan produced, the named worker should communicate this information to the general accounting team at the City Treasury, who oversee financial transactions for people for whom Hull City Council holds Public Authority Depuyship or appointeeship. Email or
Step 5 The general accounting team will enter into the contract with the director and settle the account.