The Investigating Officer’s findings, conclusions and recommendations, and the complainants desired outcomes will be passed via the Adult Complaint Manager to the Adjudicating Manager. The Adjudicating Manager will normally be an Assistant Head of Service, reporting to the Head of Service.

The Adjudication Manager will:

  • Consider meeting with the Complaints Manager and the Investigating Officer to clarify aspects of the report;
  • Write to the complainant confirming their response to the report, their decision on the complaint, actions they will be taking and their timescale for implementation. A copy of this will also go to any advocate involved. The formal response letter sent to the complainant should also contain details of their right to request a review by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO);
  • Consider if it is necessary to meet the complainant to explain the outcome of the complaint and any actions that they propose. This meeting, known as the Adjudication Meeting, can be held prior to the Adjudicating Manager writing their Adjudication or afterwards, depending on the particular issues of the complaint. The Adjudicating Manager may wish to have other people at this meeting, such as the Complaints Manager or the Investigating Officer;
  • Cascade information relating to the complaint and the decisions made to staff through normal line manager. The Adjudication Manager will also keep the Complaints Manager informed of the decisions made, so they in turn can notify any other persons involved with the investigation, such as the Investigating Officer;
  • Ensure that any recommendations contained in the response are implemented.