Below are contact details for relevant Hull City Council services and teams. If you would like to add to or amend the information below, please contact Alison Morley, Professional Practice Officer, Hull Adult Social Care.

Adult Social Care Council Services / Teams Contact Details
Initial Queries Tel: 01482 300300
Adult Social Care:
Emergency Duty Team Tel: 788080
Enquires and Referrals Tel: 01482 248244
West Long Term Support Team Tel: 01482 572911
East Long Term Support Team Tel: 01482 822819
Community Team Learning Disability Tel: 01482 303733
Disability Services (Occupational Therapy) Tel: 01482 318700
Disability Services (Sensory Impairment) Tel: 01482 318700
Continuing Health Care (CHC) Team Tel: 01482 335511
Dementia Academy Email:
Direct Payments Tel: 01482 616 057
Drug and Alcohol Team Tel: 01482 300 300
Fairer Charging Team Tel: 01482 300 300
Independent Mental Capacity Advocate Service All queries to be routed through Safeguarding
Tel: 01482 616092
Tel: 01724 854952
Safeguarding Adults Team Brunswick House
Strand Close
Hull City Council
Kingston Upon Hull

Tel: 01482 616092