1. Principles

Occasionally accidents will occur which require basic first aid and/or hospital treatment. The service will ensure all staff complete relevant training to ensure there is first aider on site at all times who can provide basic first aid treatment and that staff will be able to recognise when hospital treatment is necessary.

2. Procedural Steps

Step Action By Whom
1. All staff should be made aware of where first aid boxes are situated within the service. Care Leader
2. The contents of first aid boxes should be checked monthly, and replenished after each use. Designated team member
3. All staff should undertake a basic first aid course as soon as possible after commencing employment and designated first aiders should receive a higher level of training as required by their role. Manager
4. The administration of first aid to either service users or staff should be provided where possible, in a private quiet and appropriate room, close to where the injury has occurred. This will depend on the nature of the injury and if there is any risk foreseeable in moving someone, first aid should be administered where the person is. To maintain the person’s dignity, any other people in the room should be asked to leave or supported to move to another area. First aider
5. If a person using our services or staff member has sustained an injury, or otherwise become ill and may need medical attention, advice should be sought from an appropriate medical source and consideration should be given to referring or taking the person to the Accident and Emergency Department. First aider / manager
6. Where life may be at risk, or serious injury has been sustained, telephone 999 for an ambulance. Details of the casualty and their injury must be provided to the Ambulance Service, with information about the location of the service and where the casualty is to be found. Any member of staff
7. A member of staff should be nominated to meet / direct the ambulance on its arrival to the service. Member of staff in charge to designate
8. Casualties may be taken to hospital by car, if necessary. Where necessary, an escort should accompany the person to hospital. Incident report forms must be completed and passed to the Manager as soon as possible. Member of staff in charge to designate
9. Accident report forms should be completed as soon as possible, and sent to the manager. If an injury has occurred, Care Quality Commission, the Safeguarding Adults Team and/or the Health and Safety Executive (via airsweb) need to be informed. Consideration should be given to whether the person’s family should be informed. First aider / manager
10. Case records should be completed as soon as possible, including the outcome of the incident and any follow-up appointments required. First aider / member of staff who accompanied the person to hospital
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